Domestic Installation


We will quote any size irrigation installation for Residential watering requirements.

We take particular care with established turf and garden area’s.

  • Turf is cut out before the trenching and then replaced after sprinklers are installed
  • In the garden areas we rake back the mulch before trenching and replace it after the pipes have been laid

The Hunter PGP has been the most reliable sprinkler for 20yrs

We will design a system to your budget.

You can have a blanket cover of water across turf and garden areas
We can design a more specific system taking in micro climates, turf and gardens on separate station and integration into a weather station for optimal water saving.

All products and workmanship carries a 2yr warranty.

With over 4500 domestic home Gold Coast irrigation systems installed over the last 30 years we have the experience to tackle any job


We service all residential systems and recommend a 6 month service program for systems up to 7 years and a 4 month service program for systems over 7 years.

You can ring us when you are ready or register with us and we will call you when a service is due.

We have extensive experience in servicing all types of systems across all of the brands and have well stocked vehicles. This ensures you will not be pay for driving around to pick up parts.

There is no job to hard for us!