Servicing and Repairs

We service and repair all residential and commercial sprinkler systems.

We recommend:

  • a 6 month service program for systems up to 7 years old
  • a 4 month service program for systems over 7 years old.

     PS Ultra Spray Sprinkler Heads for Landscapes   PGV Family     

Ring us when you are ready for a service or register with us and we will call you when the service is due.

We have extensive experience in servicing all types of systems across all of the brands and have well stocked vehicles. This ensures you will not be pay for driving around to pick up parts.

There is no job to hard for us!

We specialize in jobs other irrigation companies don’t want to do or say “it is not repairable you need a new system”

We wont destroy your turf or garden area’s. We are very fastidious when getting your landscaped area’s back to how they looked before we commenced work.

PGV Valves for Backyard