Spear Pumps

What is a Spear Pump?

A spear’s sand screen is a PVC slotted pipe with a stainless steel screen around it to keep the sand out.

This sand screen is then sunk down into the water tableland (underground) with a PVC suction line going back to the surface and fitted to a pump.

The amount of water that you can get is largely determined by the coarseness of the sand granules.

The bigger the granules – the faster the water can flow through it.

The size of the pump will also affect the amount of water.

The maximum depth of a spear pump is 12 meters.

A spear pump is the best water cost saving set up you can have.

Unfortunately not everyone can have one though. You have to be on sand.

However, if one of your neighbors has a spear, you are a good chance.

Beach-side area’s generally have the best water as further from the beach you get the more likely the water will stain hard surfaces.

Even with water that causes staining we can design a sprinkler system that keeps the water away from these hard surfaces. Alternatively you can hand water.

A spear hooked up to a 1 horse power pump costs less than 50 cents per hour to run yet pumps up approximately $6.00 of water minimum

Having trouble with the water being too deep in your area for a traditional spear

Most people will tell you you can only have a spear no deeper than 8m but we can get water from 12m. So if you are on top of the sand dune we can get water for you.

Many areas of Casuarina have this issue – Please contact us if you have been told the water is too deep

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