Problem: Have a wet patch in your garden or turf that never dries up?

Likely Cause: Leaking solenoid*

*A solenoid is like a tap and when the diaphragm wears it leaks like a tap washer but the water can only escape through the lowest sprinkler on that line.

Solution: Replace solenoid valve.

If the system is getting over 5 years old and you have a solenoid valve start leaking it is a good indication that you should probably replace them all.

Problem: Sand or dirt washing to surface

Likely cause: Broken pipe, blown off pipe or cracked fitting

Solution: Repaired or replaced

Problem: Sprinkler leaking from around the shaft when running:

Likely problem: Worn out

Solution: Time to replace

Problem: Valve boxes full of water

Likely problem: Leak in manifold or from solenoid

Solution: Replace

Problem: Controller has no display

Likely problem: It has had a surge

Solution: Depending on brand. In some instances you can reset the controller via a reset button and in others they have a fuse that can be replaced.

If this doesn’t work your controller has probably been damaged beyond repair due to electrical fusion and needs replacing.

Problem: The water wont turn off even when you have unplugged the control unit

Likely problem: A solenoid valve has failed

Solution: The water supply to the sprinkler system needs to be cut off temporarily while part is replaced.

Every system that complies with council regulations has an isolation valve that can turn the sprinkler system off without effecting the water supply to the house. It is generally located near the solenoid valves or your water meter.

Problem: After an irrigation cycle has finished it starts again

Solution: you have set more than 1 x start time on your controller.

You only need to set 1 x start time this will activate all the valves in sequence

Need to adjust your Hunter PGP rotary sprinkler


Lost your Hunter controller book